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Updated: 2008-08-17

VE3ERX Repeater 147.030+ (Powassan Hill)


Frequency: 147.030+ PL 107.2
Location: Powassan Hill
Antenna: Sinclair 210C4 with 1/2 wave spacing oriented to the east @ 240' elevation above ground (Shared with commercial services).
An additional shelf was installed on the rack to keep the backup battery above the floor.

Multicoupler: Based on Sinclair with 3 pass and one notch per frequency. Insertion Loss = 3.6 db, rejection = 80 db (approximately) The set also includes a transmit circulator to provide additional protection against intermod products generated in the final amplifier.



This is a closeup of the MSR 2000 repeater itself. The BSI shelf located below the repeater contains the RC210 controller.


2008.Jul.15: The new VE3ERX is now installed, the old ERX (145.15-) has been taken out of service and is being rebuilt for installation in another location.

2006.Feb.09: The antenna and feedline replacement is now complete. Hopefully we will get an idea fairly quickly if the repair has helped with the interference problems. If you have any coverage feedback please send it to me: va3pc at ciinet dot org or use the contact form on this site.

The repeater is IRLP node 2649 and connected to Echolink via VE3ERX-R node 239683.

These functions are available on the repeater:
*0 = Connect Status
*69 = Last IRLP Connection (incoming and outgoing)