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Festival Command Post - Welcome!

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Summer In The Park


Welcome to the Festival Command Post web based Operations Program.
Each section of the program will present you with a different action menu on the left bar.

HOME brings you back to this page.

USER section provides a place to Log In or update a user's information (people who use this program).

CLIENT section provides a place to add a client's information to the system.

WIKI will provide an area to add information "on the fly" to a command post web page. It uses a WYSIWYG interface. You don't have to create an account to edit the WIKI, but it is a polite thing to do. Please make the WIKI login the same as your Summer in the Park Festival Login. (Its two distinct programs.)

INFO section provides information (phone numbers, train schedule etc.)

RADIO provides information and status on radio deployment.

LOST/FOUND provides information on items reported lost or recovered.

OCCURRENCE provides information on situations within the grounds.

Please provide any feedback or suggestions.

Remember, changes can and will be done on site - if time permits.