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Updated: 2018-01-12

North Bay Amateur Radio Club

Well, its not a large club. There are about 20 or so active members, and many more hams in the area that are inactive.
The club was formed back in the 1950's, when Ham Radio was more popular than it is now. Membership has fluctuated over the years - sort of like the solar indices. I am told that the club absorbed the North Bay FM Group (responsible for the repeater) many years before I arrived on the scene. We currently have a repeater site shack which houses VE3NFM VHF repeater (147.300+) and the APRS digipeater(144.390).

We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 1930L (ex. July, August and December) to discuss club business.
The December meeting is always cancelled in favour of a Christmas party, which starts at 1800L at a local establishment and allows us to have a meal in an informal manner and enjoy the season. We take up a collection for the local Santa Fund in lieu of an exchange of gifts as an excuse for the get together.
We also have a Saturday morning "coffee break" at NorthGate Square (on Hwy11 Bypass) Food Court at 1000L, not much club business gets discussed, but almost everything else does! Some amateurs also meet Monday to Friday at the NorthBay Mall on Lakeshore Drive in the food court area (also at 1000L), so if you are in the area at any of these times, feel free to drop by and join the conversation.

I keep busy by taking care of VE3NFM repeater (amongst other things). Future plans are to co-locate and activate a UHF and 6 metre repeater linkable to the main VHF repeater.

The club is also active in the community - since the mid 1990's we've run communications for the August long weekend Heritage Festival. Its been scaled down and renamed " Summer in the Park" this year (2007). We also run communications for the Enduro Mountain Bike Race "Lost in the Rocks and Trees" each year, as well as several sporting events around the North Bay area. Below you can find some links to pages from these events.

2006 Heritage Festival
2004 Heritage Festival
2004 Lost in the Rocks And Trees