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Updated: 2018-01-12

Communications Interface and Integration

Well this whole thing started as a "hobby" that would provide me a chance to keep in touch with changing technology. I managed to land in a job twenty years back that was slowly slipping away from "hands on" to administrative duties. Darn it! I missed the hands on.

My Ham Radio hobby was not quite enough to keep my fingers busy. As I always like to play with computers - and that is where most applications were going to be based on in the future, I thought my best chance to keep my fingers in the technology was to start a small company that provided service on an "as required - if my real job didn't get in the way" basis. Well, you can guess what happened. It took more of my time than I realized.

I started out with hardware, then got into networking, software and now do some program/website development.

Its not really that different from what I originally started to do way back when I first went to University. I just detoured around the communications industry and hardware area for a decade or three before getting back into programming. Go Figure!

CII now focuses on ClarkConnect Support, AVG Anti-Virus sales/support and the occasional hardware item. ;-)

Hop on over to my business side of the website for further information.