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Page Updated: 2019-04-10

C.I.I. - Serving your computing needs since 1995.

I started this company over twenty years ago as a computer reseller business with a slant towards my other hobby - Amateur Radio. It quickly evolved into more than just hardware.
As the price of hardware kept dropping, more of my energy was spent in connecting and securing "all the bits".
For Example: this site is running on a Celeron-2400-1Gb box with dual HDD in a RAID1 configuration using ClearOS version 7. It also provides a firewall and gateway between my LAN and broadband connection.
My son Kevin has added his programming skills to the team, so if you are in need of his talents check out his site here.

AVG Authorized Reseller My secondary focus is securing client computers behind the firewall. To accomplish this aim, the use of the AVG/AVAST product line of anti-virus and anti-spyware is recommended.
AVG is now partnered with AVAST for anti-virus consumer and commercial protection.
AVAST Registered Partner I am currently completing the AVAST Business Associate certification, and will shortly be able to offer both solutions.

PRIVACY POLICY: I use ajax/javascript in controlling menus and content throughout the site.
I don't have a subscription list, nor do I generate unsolicited commercial e-mails (aka SPAM).
I have created a new contact form that will bypass any spam filter - your message never leaves my server!
You can try the contact form out here.
I do put my regular correspondents in a "whitelist" so e-mails sent from their e-mail accounts won't be bounced.
I do use cookies and a javascript to determine if you have previously visited and the characteristics of the browser you are using. If you turn javascript off - so be it - but you'll miss some of the pretty effects!
Several sub-sites (e.g. Northern Ontario Repeater Listings) ask for an e-mail address as part of the registration process. Automated E-mail will only be used to send a reminder if you forget your password or as a reminder to update your repeater status. Cookies are also required for functionality in the interactive (PHP/MySQL) sites when form fields require inputs based on your past responses. If cookies are disabled, the forms may not work correctly.

Thanks for visiting.
Paul Caccamo C.E.T., B.Math (Waterloo)

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