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Updated: 2007-10-30

VA3PC's Antenna Farm

Here are a few shots of my towers (Hey what ham doesn't have a few shots of his aluminum?)

Here is a picture of the house with the tower placement...

Both towers are Delhi DMX Medium Duty towers converted from the standard 68 foot DMX.  They are 56 feet high, with rotor plates added to what is normally the second section (one at the top and one half way down the section). With a 14 foot dock pipe mast, I get about 10 feet above the thrust bearing to mount antennae.

Originally I had hoped to place all the VHF stuff on the west tower nearest the hamshack (right side of the picture) and the HF stuff on the east tower which is further away. As it turns out, I had the opportunity to acquire a second HF antenna, so that changed.

East Tower

<<<<< Antennas on East Tower:

Starting at the top we have a 5 element for six metres, a WARC dipole for 12, 17 and 30 metres, and a 3 element triband driven by a Ham III rotor with a Brake Delay board installed in the controller.
The wire antenna mounted on the sidearm at rotor level (which is hard to see) is a dipole for 80 metres, with an additional lanyard to hoist up future wire antenna. There was at one time a 160m dipole attached to the far side of the tower, but it fell apart. Never construct a 160m antenna from clothesline wire - it won't last.  Next effort might be another dipole antenna for 160 with copper electrical wire.   Also further down the tower there are yard lights for lighting up the backyard area after dark.

Antennas on West Tower: >>>>>>>

At the top is a Comet tri-band vertical for 6m, 2m and 440, just below that is a pair of 11 elements on 2 metres. Mounted on that cross boom is another 11 element for 440. Last but not least, at the bottom of the mast is the Classic 36.. (see story here). Its all driven by a Ham IV rotor also with a Brake Delay board installed.
On the sidearm at rotor level is a lanyard supporting the G5RV (lobe East/West). I plan to use the other lanyard to support a dipole for 40m oriented North/South. The G5RV was erected quickly during the first snow storm in the fall of 1991, and it still works today! (Of course I've had to fix it a few times.... ;-) ).  Since then the IRLP antenna was added.

There you have it - a quick tour of my antenna farm.  If I get the hamshack cleaned up enough. I'll take a picture of the inside with my dual monitor setup.

West Tower
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