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Updated: 2007-10-29

Radio TeleTYpewriting or RTTY

I "discovered" the fun of this contest mode a few years back when playing with digital soundcard software.  I was merrily playing in a contest shortly after hooking my computer to my HF rig, when my wife Wanda (VE3KOJ) stuck her head into the computer room and asked why I was spending so much time in there that day. 
I explained I was participating in a contest and she asked why I wasn't driving her crazy with me saying "CQ Contest - VA3PC CQ" every few seconds.  I showed her the rtty setup and she said that's certainly a lot better than before ;-)  
Hey, what can I say - instant convert !

There are some links to RTTY sites on my links page, so feel free to check them out.  If I get really silly, I may post a picture or two of the setup. All my logs have been posted to Logbook of the World and E-QSL. 

I've retired my trusty old TS440. It will now be used as a backup rig and once in a while at work if we activate an EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) station. My new rig is an ICOM756ProIII - and does it ever work well on rtty. Now I have to learn about all the other nice features it has.

'73 Paul