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Updated: 2007-10-29

ICOM 706MkIIG Mount

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...  I was asked how I mounted the head and powered the radio, so here is the scoop!
The head slides into the spare compartment (where the CD player usually goes) below where the cup holder is located.  It is mounted on a piece of two by four about 5 inches long, cut on a bevel so that the head is turned slightly up and towards the driver.  The two by four is just not thick enough to keep the head from sliding around, so I "padded" it by tacking a couple of pieces of a paint stir stick to the bottom, this made the mount thick enough so that it is stable when operating (unless you push the buttons really hard) but easy enough to remove when you wish.
The cord to the right of the block is the data cable from the GPS which is used for computer interconnection.  I can tuck it in beside the head out of the way when its not being used. Of course it is now connected to my APRS unit (TinyTrack3 and ICOM 2AT)
The radio is mounted below the rear deck in the trunk compartment, and the positive power lead and the control cable is run in the channel under the trim beneath the door openings.  The negative lead is connected in the trunk area where the child restraint seat is fastened (I found a bolt that fit).  The power is obtained by using a 90 degree power fuse tap to one of the fuses that is not cut off by the ignition switch.  Hey I don't remember which one... you'll have to experiment or use the picture as a guide).
As you can see (if you look closely) I had to nip off a corner of the fuse panel cover - the top corner where the hinge is. This was to allow the power cable to feed into the compartment without bulging the door. The cable fits nicely under the trim down to the channel to feed to the trunk area.  In order to mount the bracket in the trunk, I took out the rear deck covering (so I wouldn't drill through it) - if I remember correctly I had to undo the child seat bolts and place the seats in the down position to do it.
There you have it - Icom706MkIIG, Hustler antenna and a Jetta TDI.
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73 Paul VA3PC