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The mod team

Talon 1024 - Project lead, "Jack of all trades" guy.

Project leader of Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier. He often wants to do everything himself, and he wants to learn how to make stuff that will get him onto other FreeSpace mod teams. He makes missions, fixes up models, tweaks the tables for gameplay balance (or what he thinks is gameplay balance), makes new textures for Standoff models, makes some models of his own, and prepares them for ingame usage. He sometimes collaborates over MSN with Woolie Wool on WCHF scriptwriting, WC Advance Guard, and Twist of Fate.

Woolie Wool - Second-in-command, scriptwriter, tester.

He's the second-in-command of Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier. He provides feedback on the latest changes made to the mod. He's got a talent for good-quality scriptwriting. He is also the project leader of four other FreeSpace mod projects: Twist of Fate, Wings, Conflict 2395, and Wing Commander: Advance Guard.

Fek'Leyr Targ - German Translator, tester, music tabler

A recent addition to the Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier team, he helps translate the written stuff in WCHF to German.

Dragon - Playtester

Dragon recently joined the team to help playtest WCHF to ensure the gameplay is balanced and the missions work as they should.

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