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About Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier

Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier is an addon for the Wing Commander Saga total conversion for FreeSpace 2. The mod has been in development since late 2007/early 2008, and has made much progress since then. As of now, the mod is using the 3.6.12 version of the FS2_Open engine. Here's a history of the mod that I posted on in my third Developer Diary entry:

WCHF started in 2007 as a "Landreich Campaign" mod for WCSaga Prologue when I was on the Saga team, but shortly after, I left the Saga team due to "creative differences". It went very slowly in 2007 and 2008, and I needed help with the textures if I was going to move on. I was going to get JasonRocZ to do some texture work, but he wasn't always available, and the project was in hibernation for a while due to my lack of knowledge on how to make good textures.

A month or so later, I finally got an idea on how to make half-decent textures. I sometimes refer to the time before this texture idea as the "Old Hostile Frontier" because, when I put that texturing idea into action, it almost seemed like the project had taken a completely different direction. Then, I did a lot of retexturing, converting, and coding the Standoff models into the game, and progress on the project's assets went much quicker. I also made some of my own models, like the Andrew Carnegie and the Rapier II, and converted them to work in game.

After that, I got involved with another (as of yet unannounced) WC project, and I was able to improve my texturing style greatly.

Unfortunately due to my unwillingness to read (or re-read) the WC novels, I made 3 unsuccessful attempts to begin progress on the missions, which is one big reason why it's taking so long to get this project released.

You take the role of a young Landreich officer named Jonathan "Rider" Darrel, as he serves as a fighter pilot aboard the FRLS Independence.

Before I came up with the fancy name, the mod was just called "Landreich Campaign", and had no real direction other than an addon mod for Saga where you played as a Landreich pilot.

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