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Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier Demo

Custom Ships: 85% (Models/textures may need tweaking, and the ships may need their stats changed)
Missions: 15% (First mission completed, need to complete more missions before release)
Writing: 15% (Character profiles for main characters need to be written, mission dialogue needs to be rewritten)
Voice Acting: 0% (Not started; Initial demo release will not be voice acted)
German Translations: 10% (Started, but far from finished)
Effects: 100% (Complete!)
Patch for Darkest Dawn compatibility: 0% (WCSaga: The Darkest Dawn is not released yet)

Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier main campaign

Custom Ships: 60% (Some ships done, some new models need to be created)
Missions: 0% (Not started)
Writing: 0% (Not Started)
Voice Acting: 0% (Not started)
German Translations: 0% (Not Started)
Effects: 100% (Main campaign will use effects from demo)

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