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New site added! (26/02/2011)

The website for Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier is now open! A link has been added to the left navigation bar. Check it out, and please leave some feedback on the HLP forum threads.

Finally, an update! (09/09/2010)

After six years of hibernation and inactivity, I've finally got to updating this horrible website. I recently started learning how to build better websites on my own this year, and I decided to revamp the website and give it a cleaner, more lively appearance, as well as make it easier for me to keep it up-to-date as I maintain my webspace. The new main page serves as a portal to my various other sites, as well as a template for additions to this website.

The website was completely coded by hand. The "alpha" version of the new website was based on a website that I had previously created, but I had eventually erased all of the original content and started from the ground up. The new website is completely valid as HTML 4.01 Strict.

In the future, I am planning to expand my webspace to include a website for my current FS2 mod project, Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier, as well as websites for modding tutorials for Freespace 2 and Wing Commander, and modding in general.

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