Northern Ontario Repeater Listings - Welcome!

This site has been set up to allow an information exchange by repeater owners and/or sponsors in Northern Ontario not serviced by a repeater coordination body.
I was very active in the Western New York - Southern Ontario Repeater Council (years ago) before I moved back north, so I know how important coordination can be.

As you are well aware it would not be feasible to have regular meetings when we are so far apart, so we have no coordination council here, but depend on self coordination.
Self coordination does require information on "what is out there" in order to choose appropriate frequencies. I hope this site can address that problem, but it will only work if the information is entered and kept up to date.

The purpose of the N.O.R.L. site is two fold:

  1. The repeater listings in Northern Ontario have not been updated in quite a while, and I would like to remedy this, and
  2. I have taken a PHP/MySQL course and would like some practice in developing and maintaining an application.
    (Actually my son Kevin has just finished upgrading the site - I hope you like the look.)

I intend to leave this site up as long as I have the ability to do so. The site is running on a server in my basement. For more information on how I do this, check out my website and look for information on the ClearOS gateway/server software. I hope to port the information into a new Drupal powered site with a google map implementation in the near future (keep me busy over the winter....hi).

Viewing does not require registration, but to update the database, you must register. Users can edit the information they have submitted. The database is backed up automatically, so if you have a major problem, drop me a line and I'll restore from the latest backup. If there is abuse with the "self-registration" process I'll have to change it so that I authorize you manually, but I will only do that as a last resort. After all, the idea of this list is cooperation between fellow amateurs.

I have pre-entered some repeater information from various databases, including that of adjacent repeater councils for repeaters within approximately 100 km of our NORL borders.

If your repeater is already listed, please let me know what repeater you wish to edit, and I'll change the database to make it "your" record.
If you choose to enter a new record for an existing repeater, drop me a line and I'll erase the old one to keep the database current.

Please use your callsign as your username so that I can reach you in case of problems.
Your choice of password is left up to you, so please choose something that is not easy to guess!
BTW, You can E-Mail yourself a forgotten password 😉

If you have any problems, questions, comments or suggestions don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail.

Thanks everyone.
Paul Caccamo, VA3PC (owner VE3ERX/R Powassan Hill)
RAC Assistant Director, Northern Ontario