Download: ~Norse_Fact.scn
    This is a main menu for AoM. For AoM only.

Download: AMU_Plentyvault.scn
    This is a multiplayer scenario. For AoM only.

Download: AOM_Joemod
    This makes your spearmen look like a Bellerophon hero from AoM with a cape. For AoM only.

Download: Myrmidon_cape
This is a mod which makes myrmidons wear capes. For AoM only.

Download: Hypaspist_newtexture
If you don't like the texture of the hypaspist, try this! For AoM only.

Download: Brightest.lgt
This is the brightest light in AoM! For AoM only.

Download: Fallen Stones.cpn
This will install the Fallen Stones campaign, It will suppose you have the default directory structure of Age of Mythlogy. For AoM only.

Download: Firepriest_anim.txt
This mod changes the priest to a fire priest. For AoM only.

Download: Supa Sudden Death.scn
This is a great scenario for ESO, and I made it myself! For AoM only.

Download: KOTH_Gidronatis.rec
This is a recorded game made by me! It features me against the AI in a struggle to control the plenty vault. For AoM only.

Download: Mars Lighting
A very Reddish Lighting effect that can be used in scenarios.

Download: Hypaspist Low Detail Texture Mod
This is a Hypaspist to Hetairoi mod for low detail textures

Download: Argoneer
This is a new unit for AoM! It is a boat that looks very much like The Argo.

Download: Gidronatis
If you want super AoM action, Download Him!
Preview is now in the ZIP file. Also this unit will be updated many times.

Download: Huskarl to Jarl cape Texture mod
This will turn your huskarl's cape to a jarl's cape. Comes in 2 versions. AoM and TT.

Download: Gidronatis Low Detail textures
Gidronatis's textures for use in low detail mode. Also Contains Anim which allows you to use Gidronatis's low detail textures.

Download: Music set ID List
For scenario designers willing to put music in their scenarios. AoM and TT.

Download: Silver Myrmidon Mod
This makes the Myrmidon unit look silver.
Preview can be found here

Download: Dragon Rider Project
Read the readme file inside the zip file for detailed information.