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Updated: 2007-10-29

Mosley Classic36 Antenna - Move and Installation

Here is the secret to moving a partially dis-assembled Mosley Classic 36 and a 56' Delhi Tower with a Diesel Jetta and an 8 foot utility trailer.....
"Do it Carefully "

I had an opportunity to acquire this package, but having sold my truck years ago, thought long and hard about how to bring the monster home.  As I needed some pressure treated 2x4's for another project, inspiration struck me! .....(and yes it hurt... a lot! )


This is a picture of what it looked like going down the road.  There was enough clearance that when the antenna flailed, it didn't bang my roof.  The 2x4's were mounted to the sides of my utility trailer.
I only got three strange stares on the highway, and one more from the XYL when I pulled in the driveway.
Here is the view from the rear showing the trailer and the antenna supports.  The DMX tower is collapsed and lying on the trailer bed, with the antenna and mast nestled safely in the upright supports.  The diagonal 2x4's provide front to back support so the crossed 2x4's remain vertical. I hope to have the antenna on the west tower sometime this fall or early spring.

Well here it is two years later (2007), and the antenna is re-assembled in the back yard.   I placed it on a tower section to check the balance before moving it to the tower. Good thing I had an old tower section lying around.
Here we are (Ken, va3sk and myself) raising the antenna with the able assistance of Gerry - ve3yo, and Dan - ve3yui. It only required a few extra bumps and scrapes getting around the trees, eavestroughs and of course that darned TV antenna on the chimney. Not bad for an antenna with a 24 foot boom and element length of almost 29 feet.

Well here is what it looks like from below when it is in place.
At the very top of the mast is a Comet 6/2/440 triband vertical. Mounted underneath it are twin 11 elements on 2m, with an 11 element 440 yagi mounted on the cross boom. Then just above the thrust bearing is the Classic 36. Mounted at rotor level is a piece of slotted angle to connect the wire dipole lanyards. You can see the G5RV on the left side of the picture. A 40m dipole will go on the east lanyard. The last lump part way down the tower is a 300W halogen lamp to light up the backyard, hey I had to use the tower for something other than antennas!