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3.6.12 mod for Wing Commander Saga Prologue

This mod for the Wing Commander Saga Prologue allows you to run it on 3.6.12 builds of FreeSpace2_Open. The prologue missions have been enhanced with revised grammar and autopilot flyby, and some changes have been made to make it more WC-like. Some of the weapon effects and 3D models have also been upgraded. In addition, this lets you run the WC Saga Prologue on widescreen monitors.

1. Install the Wing Commander Saga Prologue if you haven't already. The WCSaga Prologue can be downloaded from
2. Go to this thread and download a 3.6.12 "Inferno" build for your OS.
3. Open the ZIP you just downloaded and extract all of the files into the directory where the WCSaga Prologue is installed.
4. Go to the folder where the WCSaga Prologue is installed.
5. Create a new folder inside of the WCSaga Prologue folder and name it "3612mod".
6. Download the 7z by clicking on the title above.
7. Using 7-zip, extract wcsaga3612.vp into the folder you created in step 5.
8. Open up Launcher.exe, go to the mod tab, press Select Mod, click on the "3612mod" folder, and click OK.
9. Go to the Video tab, and under Resolution, select your monitor's native screen resolution. Also, make sure the color depth is set to 32-bit.
10. Click on "Browse" at the top right corner, and select the fs2_open_3_6_12 build you extracted to the WCSaga Prologue directory in step 3.
11. Click on "Apply", and then click on "OK" or "Run".
12. Enjoy!


Weapon FX pack for FSPort

Replaces some of the ugly FSPort weapon effects with pre-existing effects, as well as some of my own custom-made effects.

Background upgrade for WCSO

Replaces the background nebulas in Wing Commander: Secret Ops with some high-resolution background nebulas I made. Just extract the MATs to (WCSO Folder)\mat

Background pack for Flight Commander

Some new backgrounds for Flight Commander. The WCSO background upgrades are based on these, but these ones are 2048x2048 instead of 1024x1024. Includes XCF file in case you want to make your own derivatives. Here are the sector files to make use of these backgrounds.

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