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Events leading up to the attack on Landreich and the running pursuit

- The will-be commander of the KIS Karga battlegroup, Largka Cakg dai Nokhtak, had been confined to a staff job on Kilrah. Before Largka had been given command of the Karga, he had been protesting for months that he should be given command of a battlegroup. Prince Thrakhath's counter-argument was that there was no large enough command position available for Largka that would sustain the honour of the Imperial family.
- One of the members of Admiral Largka's Kilrathi Cadre included the young Hyilghar Murragh Cakg dai Nokhtak. He was a nephew of Thrakhath.
- KIS Karga had attacked the planet Landreich, and "every ship in the region" (including FRLS Blitzkrieg, see here) had been summoned to intercept them before they can return to Imperial space.
- The raid on Landreich had been described as "disastrous"
- The first Kilrathi ships that were knocked out in the running pursuit were two cruisers, and then the destroyer Takh'lath.
- KIS Frawqirg and KIS Karga were the only ships that made it to the Vaku system. Frawqirg crash-landed on one of Vaku VII's moons, later known as "Nargrast" (Name of a Kilrathi "hell")
- Because of KIS Karga's attack on the Landreich, Ragark, governor of the Hralgkrak province, now knows the strength of the Landreich forces, suggesting, in one way or another, that the Karga had managed to send this information to Ragark.
- Now that Thrakhath and his grandfather are gone, Governor Ragark seeks to win the Imperial throne for himself. He is able to convince a lot of Kilrathi that Thrakhath and the Emperor were not the "sharpest tools in the shed" (to put it bluntly) and Kilrah was destroyed because of incompetence in the Imperial palace.
- Some time after the Karga's attack on Landreich, Dawx Jhorrad came down to the Hralgkrak province in a self-imposed exile with his dreadnought KIS Vorghath and pledged allegiance to Ragark. The Landreich forces (once they had the Karga/Mjollnir) attacked Vorghath while it was undergoing repairs (was it damaged in the massive shockwave when Kilrah blew up?)
- Shortly before Admiral Tolwyn, Admiral Richards, and those guys came over to Landreich, Ilios was attacked by the Kilrathi.

Strength of Landreich/Kilrathi forces in the sector

- The Landreich fleet consisted of mostly older ships (Wake-class CVEs, Exeter-class destroyers)
- The Kilrathi forces in that region of space also consisted mostly of older ships, but supposedly in greater numbers
- Vance Richards said the Landreich fleet would most likely lose an engagement with a squadron of target drones, although this was after the raid on Landreich
- Landreich is regarded as a haven for outlaws and criminals.
- The Landreich now consists of 14 colony worlds stretching across 20 parsecs
- There are Confederation forces operating in the Landreich sector and a diplomatic presence
- During the war, the Hralgkrak province in the sector was where Kilrathi rejects and castoffs were sent.
- The leaders and nobles were Kilrathi unfavoured in the Imperial court
- The Kilrathi ships in the sector are mostly third-line

Max Kruger's escape and heroic return (FC P.65,66)

- Max Kruger had helped to organize a defense against an impending Kilrathi attack. He flew a recon team into Kilrathi territory and crash-landed on a Kilrathi base planet. He had "driven them to distraction" with commando raids and finally stole a Kilrathi frigate and returned to Landreich as a hero.
- Max Kruger had also landed himself in deep trouble. He earned a court-martial and was labelled a mutineer
- The Confederation sent a heavy cruiser as a flagship for a Home Guard fleet comprised of Landreich militia ships. Then, Kruger and the other frontiersmen seized control of the cruiser by expelling anyone who didn't want to follow with Kruger. The cruiser then set off to attack a Kilrathi command base, but it took three years to destroy it.
- The Landreich had finally become independent after the Confederation had ordered Max Kruger's removal from the Landreich. The Confederation governor and his officers were expelled in favour of Kruger's own government, and soon after, other frontier worlds had gone independent or joined the Landreich because Confed did had no interest in such remote regions of space.

FRLS Independence

- Formerly TCS Tarawa, is now the FRLS Independence, the pride of the Landreich fleet
- Forward armament: "quad-barelled neutron gun flanked by mass drivers and anti-torpedo batteries" (FC P. 86)
- The Indy's munition storerooms were converted into extra VIP quarters because Kruger wanted to make the Indy his personal flagship and he needed space for himself and his staff.
- The munitions spares are now two decks below the flight deck.
- Wing Commander before J. Bondarevsky comes aboard: Kevin "Lone Wolf" Tolwyn
- Ship Captain: John Calhoun Galbraith
- Person in charge of the Indy battle group: Admiral Campanelli

Max Kruger

- Kevin Tolwyn's comment about Max's command behaviour: Max Kruger doesn't care about odds, and just rushes in, guns blazing.
- Max Kruger's Presidential shuttle is called San Jacinto, named after the ship where Kruger's mutiny began.
- Kruger best leads from the front of a battlegroup
- During the Battle of Earth, he commanded the Landreich fleet from the bridge of the FRLS Blitzkrieg
- He also had a command post on Hellhole before the Kilrathi bombed it to death
- The people of the Landreich were "cantankerous, independent-minded people" who needed to be governed, and this made it harder for Kruger to be let out of the presidential palace on Landreich. Kruger preferred to be wandering through space.
- Compare with Thomas Jefferson: He has the mind of a destroyer skipper trapped in the body of a head of state.
- Kruger makes a speech to the "citizen-spacers" of the Free Republic Navy (FC p. 99)

- Clark Williams and Lorenzo Mancini at the Confederation embassy on Landreich know all about what Richards, Tolwyn, and Bondarevsky are doing. They think that Project Goliath will stir up even more trouble, causing more rebellions (Specifically with the Nahaddar), and allow for Landreich military to expand. They think that at a crucial moment when Landreich forces are involved, they will just do a Max Kruger banzai charge and make Kruger a hero again.


- KIS Vorghath was named after Vorghath the hunter
- KIS Karga was named after Karga the hero
- Landreich space is located about 1200 light years from Terra.

Additional info

- Tara: One of the first colonies to join the Landreich, birthplace of Aengus Harper.
- Being Wing Commander in the Landreich Navy was quite an honour for anyone, including Kevin "Lone Wolf" Tolwyn
- At the Battle of Earth, the Landreich fleet overshot their jump and some ships ended up with their bows being at one end of the jump point and their sterns at the other end.