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Dark Grey Represents unstarted areas of the project.
Yellow Represents started areas of the project, but a large amount of progress is still required.
Green Represents areas of the project that are almost complete.
Blue Represents areas of the project that are completed.
Purple Represents areas of the project that you may never know when it is completed.

Note that progress page may be inaccurate in some areas.


Confederation Ships: All ships have been imported

Kilrathi Ships: All ships have been imported, except for the starbase/supply depot. Models are all complete.

New Comms - Wingmen & Fighters: A lot of wingmen need to be done still.  Kilrathi Comms Rely on the Kilrathi comms that are already present

New Comms - Capships: Done. Will use standard comms for transports.

fiction/communications: Fiction work has been aborted for now. Maybe in the future the fiction will start progress again

Simulator: All Done!

Episodes (Systems): Ep. 1 and 2 are complete. Lots more wingmen and systems to be done. Episode 3 is starting to come to life!

Startup Stuff: All done!

This Website!: This area is not a "Planned" area, but it will turn blue once I run out of ideas for the site.

Demo of WC1 Remake: All done!

Mission briefings: The briefings for Wc1s1m1, Wc1s1m2, Wc1s2m1, Wc1s2m2 are completed.