Welcome to WC1 Remake! A mod for flight commander based on the game Wing Commander 1.  This large scale project started in 2004, and the site was made in 2005.  The Remake demo is almost ready to be released.  Ok, I'll tell you about the plot of the project:

In WC1 Remake, you play the famous Confed warhero, Cristopher Blair, in his days of duty on the Tiger's Claw.  You will have various wingmen as you advance through the campaign.  If you lose or not changes the course of your missions.  You may get rewards or promotions depending on your performance in space.  Read the fiction pages to talk with people and/or get hints.  Briefings are also in the fiction section! To also prepare you for the upcoming challenges, fly the simulator missions against both the Kilrathi Empire and The Confederation.  But you must use pure knowledge when it comes to capship strikes.

Good Luck