Inside an asteroid field


Opening fire at close range

Firing at a dralthi from long range



Rapier Beauty Shot

The Remake Project's Rapier



The Remake Project's Salthi

The Salthi is Failing to open fire

New High Detail Hornet - Credit goes to Towlyn and Howard Day at WCMDF.  Nice long guns, eh?

Image Showing The New Krant Texture (The Guys back at FC Forums say it looks like WC1)

Closing in on Episode 2 Ralari Destroyer

Episode 2 Ralari with better lighting effects

A better view of the Ralari taking shield damage

See a Dying Krant close up.  Not good news.

The krant texturing done by photo editor

The clearest view you can get of the nitty-gritty texture!

The New Jalthi

Side view of a Scimitar

Top View of WC:SO Grendel

The Grendel Shown in the FC Ship Viewer

Preview of WC1 Remake's new menu screen images.  And NO! These are not Standoff's!!!

A better view of the Grendel in WC:Secret Ops

WCMDF Hornet Secret Ops conversion BETA.  I will never release this!

Preparing to Land on the Tiger's Claw

Shot of the good-looking new Rapier

In my opinion, the crappiest mission briefing ever seen!

I like to land on the Tiger's claw

New WC1 Remake Crosshair!!

The raptor's new size!!

The new briefing!!

Now THAT is a real minefield!