Changes And Additions


Bug Quantum Disruptor is now the neutron gun.
Added an icon for the neutron gun (laser2d.bmp.)
Laser is now a ball weapon like in Wc1.
Ball weapons are pure colors.
Say bye-bye to 2D Graphics!
No 3D mission briefings.  Briefings will be in communications instead.
No Movies, but dialogue within WC1 movies will be in communications.
Sorry, but WC1 Remake and the original flight commander don't mix!
Startup Screen has changed to a WC1 Remake Screenshot


Rapier Prototype medium fighter
Raptor heavy fighter
Hornet light fighter
Scimitar medium fighter
Salthi light fighter
Gratha heavy fighter
Tiger's Claw confed capship
Enyo Campaign
Drayman Transport
New Simulator
New Ship Viewer
Text-to-speech voiceovers (Does not require engine)