Archive of Thomas Bruckner's WC Modding Utilities

As you may or may not know, Thomas Bruckner's website went offline in 2011. His website contained various tools and missions he, and other people made, as well as the documentation for his mission compiler and IFF modding tool WCPPascal. has some snapshots of the original website, but unfortunately none of the tools or other files were preserved.

I've uploaded some of the remnants of what he had on his website here. If there's anything else from his website that you'd like to add, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Update 2016/06/10: Added some of the files from Iceblade. See this thread on WC CIC forums.

AC Intro The intro to “Alien Campaign”.
Asteroid Battle Asteroid Battle mission for WC:SO.
Borg Cube Borg Cube ship for WCP/SO.
Collision Sphere Editor A small program that lets you edit a model's collision sphere.
IffReader A Delphi unit that makes it easy to read IFF files. Comes with a sample ship editor.
Turret/Hardpoint Editor A small program that lets you edit a model's hardpoints.
BMP to MAT converter Command line BMP -> MAT converter.
BSP Tree generator for ModelC The BSP tree generator plugin for ModelC, by Mario Brito.
MAT to BMP converter Command line MAT -> BMP converter.
Mission Builder Simple WCP/SO mission builder.
Model Creator 0.8 A “very technical” tool for creating/editing models for WCP/SO.
PEO Viewer A tool that reads Homeworld PEO models and converts them to WCP.
WCP 3D Exploration plugin A plugin for 3D Exploration that imports and exports WCP models.
Strings editor A program that can edit eng/fre/ger string files from WCP/SO.
Texture converter A program that can convert textures to/from BMP, TGA, IFF, MAT, and several others.
VCL50 Borland Library A library file used by WCPPascal.
WCPPascal Release 24 The WCPPascal mission compiler and modding tool.
WCPPascal R24D patch Release 24D patch for WCPPascal.