So, you have come here for scenario designing tips.


1.To have lots of resources, edit player#1 in the player data window.
What to edit? That is the question, the answer is "Resources". Change player 1's food stock to 999999, and all the other resource stocks to 999999 except favor and population, which you can leave at a stock of 9999.

2.The best thing to do after 1 (See 1.) Is insert a trigger. How? go to the "triggers" menu and click on "Trigger editor". Now click on "Insert", a new trigger will appear in the box. Check the box "Run immediately" and click on the radio button "effects". Now what you do is click the down arrow in the box in the top-right corner of the window. Then press the "S" key to go to the "S" section in the drop-down menu (Will be alphabetized).
Click on "Set Tech Status" and select the down arrow where it says "Age 1" and press "S" and go down and click on "Starting resources greek" ,and select the down arrow where it says "active" and click on "unobtainable", and click insert in the rightmost of the triggers dialog box.
select the effect you just created ,again, Do the same thing  (Click on the down arrow, press "S" and select "Set Tech Status" etc.) But this time select the tech "Starting units greek"